Biographical Sketch

Christopher was born and raised in a Christian home, and was saved when he was only four years old.  His parents comment that from a child he desired to one-day be in the ministry.  Unfortunately, while attending public school, he changed to desiring fortunes and fame.  He completed high school, completed an electrical engineering degree, and went into the Air Force as an officer.  In the military, through the preaching at a local independent Baptist church, God got a hold of his heart and he surrendered his life to full-time missions.

Christopher separated from the military and went to Ambassador Baptist College where he earned a master’s degree.  His greatest accomplishments are the lives that he has impacted.  In college, he was able to lead two high school students to the Lord, while a teen evangelist for the ministry “Neighbourhood Bible Time”.  He was responsible, at his local church, for discipling an ex-convict and seeing him grow in the Lord and become a faithful driver in the bus ministry.  He also mentored three men at his workplace, seeing one surrender to attend bible college, and the other two mature in their walk with the Lord.  Recently, he was mentoring three men, two who were battling addictions, and the other, bitterness.  Two of the men have become more faithful in their Bible reading, and the third is getting victory over bitterness.   Discipleship and evangelism are his passion, and he is blessed that God would not give up on him to call him to minister to others.

Christopher’s ministry success is due to a close walk with the Lord, and a supportive wife, whom he counts as his closest friend.   He is blessed to be sent out of Tabernacle Baptist Church, a missionary sending church for more than 85 years.